Creative Bliss Day 1: Peeps Challenge

Now that Easter has passed, those gooey, delish, creepy (insert adjective of your choice) marshmallow Peeps are out in full force and have likely infiltrated your home, perhaps concealed in the basket of a child. This warms the hearts of some people, like my friend Alissa Walker, who once held a Peeps party and documented it on her Gelatobaby blog. (Spoiler alert: Her Peeps overindulged and went totally out of control.)

creativity & design inspiration from HOW MagazineCreativity loves a childlike mind — and what’s more childish than Peeps? So corral those peeps (or buy a few packages, likely on clearance by now) and start playing. Check out David Ottoga’s Peeps Show website. Create Peeps scenes around your workspace with fellow co-workers. Build a Peeps diorama. Make a Peeps poster. Change your Facebook profile photo to a Peeps portrait. Play today.

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