Creative Bliss Day 10: Develop Identity for Fictitious Chocolatier

Are you enjoying the exercises that accompany this web series, 30 Days to Creative Bliss? “Creative Workshop,” by David Sherwin, is a HOW Book that provides 80 challenges to sharpen your design skills.

Creaive Workshop by David SherwinSo if you find yourself struggling to complete a design project on time or if deadlines are stifling your creativity, Sherwin recommends trying one of his brainstorming techniques or creativity exercises. “By road-testing these techniques as you attempt each challenge, you’ll find new and more effective ways of solving tough design problems and bringing your solutions to life,” Sherwin says in the introduction of “Creative Workshop.”

Download one of the exercises featured in this book for a prompt that focuses on identity development, packaging and a retail experience. Access the free download here.

The Premise Behind this Download, No. 29 in the Design Book “Creative Workshop,” is as Follows:

When you step into a well-designed store where every element is arranged perfectly, it can feel like your eyes are dancing along to a bouncy jazz tune. You can find balance, rhythm and variety in spades. When designing for these types of retail experiences, setting the right pace for a customer is contingent on organizing and presenting a wide range of products coherently.  For this challenge, however, you’ll be given a more limited palette.

Challenge: Design a store experience for a chocolatier that sells only three types of chocolate: dark, milk and white. As part of your process, make recommendations regarding the naming and packaging of your product within the store, as well as for how you’ll set up the space to convey an overall aesthetic. Can you take a store that only has three products and make it come alive?

Take it Further: When you’ve completed your overall store concept, construct a physical prototype of your chocolate packaging system. What materials should you select to keep your chocolate fresh?

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