Creative Bliss Day 24: A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Have you checked out “Caffeine for the Creative Team,” by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield? This book for creative professionals dishes 150 creativity exercises to inspire innovation among a group. Check out one of those exercises excerpted below to be a part of the 30 Days to Creative Bliss series.

Captions to images help a lot, especially when the image is a bit vague. Given enough time, we’re sure you could figure out most pictures, but there is the occasional image that, simply put, is unexplainable. As simple as it may seem, that will be your task today.

Grab a partner. The two of you will be setting up and capturing three pictures that can’t be explained. These shots need to be something that, without a caption, have no meaning, but with a caption, still have no meaning. Like a guy in a tux holding a blender in front of a delivery truck that overturned into a river. How do you explain that? The answer is you can’t. Create three images that can’t be explained.

Check 30 Days to Creative Bliss for access to 30 creativity exercises.

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