Creative Bliss Day 26: Trade-a-Book Day

Today’s creativity exercise will not only benefit you, but those around you as well. Declare a trade-a-book day at your workplace. Or, if you’re a freelance designer, reach out to to those in your social networks. Make posters, distribute flyers and send emails to let people know when it is and how to participate.

Everybody brings a book (it doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, nonfiction or a design book), with a cover sheet telling in 50 words or less what they like about the book and how it contributed to their creativity. When the time comes for the big trade, you can have folks draw numbers — or just turn it into a free-for-all.

For a much-less-organized Trade-A-Book Day,  simply grab an armload of your books, make rounds to co-workers and friends and ask if they want to trade books. People almost always say yes.

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