Creative Bliss Day 27: An Unappetizing Themed Restaurant

Have you checked out “Caffeine for the Creative Team,” by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield? This book for creative professionals dishes 150 creativity exercises to inspire innovation among a group. Check out one of those exercises excerpted below to be a part of the 30 Days to Creative Bliss series.

Themed restaurants are all the rage. You can dine with Disney characters, snack in a café built in the deep rain forest, complete with animatronic gorillas and elephants, blast off to deep space and enjoy atomic meatballs, or watch knights joust while you tear into your turkey leg. The food at themed restaurants is often traditional fare tagged with themed names, but occasionally, the grub is part of the experience. Most of the time, that experience is a favorable one, or, at the very least, it didn’t suck. But what if it did?

Get another willing participant to help you with this exercise. The two of you will collaborate to develop a very bad idea for a themed restaurant. Imagine a theme that is as unappetizing as you can think of, and design a restaurant around it. Come up with the name, the environment and the menu. Make it as doomed as an idea as there ever could be. Who knows? There’s something for everyone, right?

Check 30 Days to Creative Bliss for access to 30 creativity exercises.

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