Creative Bliss Day 29: Make Your Own Pattern

Have you checked out “Caffeine for the Creative Team,” by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield? This book for creative professionals dishes 150 creativity exercises to inspire innovation among a group. Check out one of those exercises excerpted below to be a part of the 30 Days to Creative Bliss series.

Everything is a pattern. Even random can be a pattern if random is repeated [boy, that was deep]. Our world is full of pattern; it just takes a keen eye to recognize it. Have you checked your eye lately? Is it keen? Sweet! You’re ready to find some patterns. Or, better yet, make some.

You and two partners will each take a picture of something in your own personal space. The more random the image is, the better. After snapping the pictures, print them out and lay them on the table. The task is to collaborate to create a pattern out of the parts or the whole of all three pictures. You can either use the pictures in their entireties to make the pattern, or you could take elements of the pictures and combine them together to make the pattern. Print up multiple copies of the images, and either arrange or cut up the images to make your repeating patterns.

Check 30 Days to Creative Bliss for access to 30 creativity exercises.

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