Creative Bliss Day 23: Capture Opposites

“Caffeine for the Creative Team,” by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield, dishes 150 creativity exercises to inspire innovation among a group. Check out one of those exercises excerpted below to be a part of the 30 Days to Creative Bliss series.

Is it Possible to capture opposite? for instance, can you bottle both sweet and sour tastes? Sure you can. Can you be both wet and dry? Of course. Can your wallet have both lots of money and none? Um, well, no. At least not that you’ve ever seen. Grab a partner and a couple of digital cameras, and see if you can capture opposites.

Each of you is to go out into your local community and capture three images of each of these opposites:

  • Light and dark.
  • Hot and cold.
  • Good and evil.
  • Life and death.
  • An opposite theme you get from your partner.

The idea is to find three examples of each of these topics so you’ll return with fifteen pictures. When you return, share what you found and talk about why they represent both ends of the spectrum.

Check 30 Days to Creative Bliss for access to 30 creativity exercises.

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