Creative Bliss Day 11: Overcome Naysayers

Who likes the devil’s advocate? Not me, not you — but they’re forever buzzing around us like summer’s flying insects.

These annoying naysayers never seem to have creative ideas of their own, but they dearly love hovering around ours, stinging hearts with mindless criticism and negative predictions.

Creativity Exercise

Write down the devil’s advocates in your life — people who always want to take bites out of your ideas. Then list possible ways you can negate their constant criticism and overcome workplace negativity.

Maybe take them to lunch one at a time and talk things over. Maybe include them in your next brainstorm, so they better understands your process. Maybe anticipate their criticism and be prepared with your responses.

If all else fails, maybe make a firm decision to mentally sweep away their pesky comments, the way you would fan away flies at a picnic. Then go on with enjoying your day.

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