Swimming in Creativity: 9 Charming Nautical Design Projects

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day has been around longer than you might expect. On June 6, 1995, two friends, John Baur and Mark Summers, came up with the idea when they started talking like pirates during a game of racquetball.

“On this day, for reasons we still don’t quite understand, we started giving our encouragement in pirate slang. Mark suspects one of us might have been reaching for a low shot that, by pure chance, might have come off the wall at an unusually high rate of speed, and strained something best left unstrained. ‘Arrr!,’ he might have said…

“Whoever let out the first ‘Arrr!’ started something. One thing led to another.”

To read more of the story, visit Baur and Summers’ website. To enjoy some gorgeous nautical designs, scroll on down. Do you have nautical designs you’re proud of? Share them with us @HOWbrand. And don’t forget th’ final deadline fer the International Design Awards is Monday, September 25th, savvy? Ye’ve been warned!

9 Nautical Design Projects

1. Audrey Choe; New York City

Client: AO Fish Market

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

“The unique look and feel of this brand is inspired by Japanese traditional illustration style. They have very bold primary color palettes and geometric elements in their painting. I’d like to bring the atmosphere and characteristics into this new brand by exploring the treatment of image and colors in a contemporary way at the same time.”

2. Bunker3022; San Isidro, Argentina

Client: La Dorada

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

“La Dorada is a seafood bistro that will open its doors this year in México D.F. Bunker3022, developed this whole identity for La Conceptualist. The idea was to create something fancy and glamorous, according to the interior decoration of the restaurante.”

3. Chiapa Design; São Paulo, Brazil

Client: Octo Rum

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

“Octo is a Premium Spiced Rum flavored in 3 versions – Original Rum, Orange and Blueberry. Octo is a tribute to pirates stories and their adventures under the sea. The premium aspect is given by the use of colors in hot stamping. The black bottle, the photographic elements and the modern font also helps creating an astounding atmosphere of this scary place and its dark mysteries.”

4. Hired Guns; Vancouver Island, Canada

Client: Bowen Island Brewing

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

“For Bowen Island Brewing’s full rebrand and redesign, we were tasked with creating a look that speaks to new craft drinkers, while retaining the essence of the brand’s history. Their existing customers should think: ‘it’s a new look, but that’s still my Bowen.'”

5. Forefathers Group; Tulsa, OK

Client: HMIM

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

“Furthuring on the brand and identity we did for Mark Hoppus and his apparel company Hi My Name is Mark, we were approached to collaborate once again with not only Mark Hoppus but also Cardistry and Magic professors Dan & Dave on a new project for HMNIM. This time on a fully customized playing card deck.”

6. ILLUME; Minneapolis

Client: Anthropologie

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

7. Stranger & Stranger; New York City

Client: Don Papa

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

“For the limited edition 10 year our Don sports a long beard and is completely overrun with the local flora and fauna.”

8. Hired Guns; Vancouver Island, Canada

Client: Red 8 Rum

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

“For Steam Devil Spirits, a new distillery on the shores of Lake Michigan in Traverse City, we designed a label that showcases the local landmark “Red 8” buoy – not just the namesake of this silver rum, but the location around which wild yeast was collected from the air and used in the rum’s fermentation process.”

9. Pablo Martínez Díaz; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Client: San Julian

talk like a pirate day nautical designs

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