65 Creative Logo Designs + 2 Case Studies to Fuel Your Inspiration

Idealizing a creative logo design that perfectly captures a company’s identity is no easy task, as designers very well know. Sometimes it helps to look at other company logo designs for inspiration. Reading the thought process behind the designs will also help churn out your own unique logo design ideas.

If your logo design projects are stuck in a creative rut, then you’ll love this excerpt from Logo Lounge 9. Bill Gardner and Emily Potts poured through thousands of logo designs from around the world to seek out the trends. They compiled their findings into this glorious book. As a mine for logo design inspiration, Logo Lounge 9 catalogs the logos by themes and includes thorough case studies about thoughtful designs.

Take a peek inside this free excerpt from Logo Lounge 9. Not only will it give your eyes stunning logo examples but it will also bolster your own design thinking.

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Find Inspiration with These 65 Creative Logo Designs and 2 Case Studies!

Skillful logo design will never be underappreciated. It’s unlimited potential to raise brand awareness is why business leaders recruit designers to produce their corporation’s identity.

With this free download, you’ll discover creative initial logo designs that embody a brand’s core values. You’ll also dive into the thought processes behind two brilliant logo designs, one by Hornall Anderson for a cancer research center and another by Drew Melton who designed his company’s typographic logo.

Here’s what you’ll find in this free download:

Case Study: Hornall Anderson's Logo Design for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Case Study: Hornall Anderson’s Logo Design for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, is a world-renowned cancer research organization. Its scientists and researchers have developed life-changing breakthroughs like HPV vaccines and bone marrow transplants. However, much of this work is done with little fanfare. Most people don’t understand the significance of what the center does and how its research potentially impacts the lives of people who have cancer. Here steps in Hornall Anderson to increase the center’s image among the community. Read how Hornall Anderson rebranded the center and review their design thinking behind the final logo design.

65 Initial Logo Designs

65 Logos with Initials

Crafting original logo with initials is quite a challenge. Fuel your creativity by browsing this list of 65 intelligent logos with initials. Bill Gardner and his team sorted all the entries to create a comprehensive catalog of initials design, featuring every letter of the alphabet.

Case Study: Drew Milton's Typography Logo Design for Anchor Paper Co

Case Study: Drew Milton’s Typography Logo Design for Anchor Paper Co

In 2012, Melton and his wife started Anchor Paper Co., a high-end online stationery store. Although anchors are pretty prominent in logos, Melton and his wife have an aversion to the symbol. “My wife and I have anchor tattoos on our wrists—we got them done on a whim in Colorado before we got married. It’s been an icon in our relationship, and since this is our side project together, we decided to call it Anchor, even though anchors are everywhere,” Melton says, laughing. View how he overcame the triteness of the anchor symbol.

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