How to Bring Movie Magic to Your Self-Promotion Strategy

How to Bring Movie Magic to Your Self-Promotion Strategy

Video is all the rage right now, and rightfully so: More and more designers are using it as an effective self-promotional tool to advance their careers, whether they’re freelancing, looking for a job or running their own design firms. It’s one of the many mediums that falls under the “content marketing” trend, and...


Gorgeous Glass

Jill Tanenbaum became a fused glass artist so she could get creative without client restrictions—then her hobby turned into a source of income.

[Podcast] The Art & Science of Pricing

There is an art and a science to pricing your services and to do it well, you have to have both! As a creative professional, the art part shouldn’t be a problem, right? I wrote about the “science” part in a HOW article published in the magazine and excerpted here. And I recently recorded the...

Slow Down to Go Fast-200px.pdf

Slow Down To Go Fast

I suspect that at the start of your day, the first thing you do is reach for your phone. You might even do this before you get out of bed. From the moment your eyes open, the input begins. Email, Facebook, Twitter, texting, newsfeed—all pouring in like an electronic fire-hose aimed at your brain.