5 Reasons Why You Need a Design Blog


Blogs are a great way to help you out and market yourself as a graphic designer today. By starting a design blog, you can demonstrate your expertise and share your work with the graphic design industry. A blog can also help potential clients and employers discover you. You can utilize your blog by describing your design process in detail and writing about projects you’re working on to add context for current and potential clients. A design blog can also lead to other opportunities within the graphic design industry by helping you develop a strong network and a good reputation among other creative professionals.

Establish yourself as an industry expert.

Creating a design blog is a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert. While you may not feel that you are an expert in your field, you may know something that clients and non-designers don’t. Sharing your expertise can help you establish your credibility both with clients and with your peers in the design industry. Creating value for other people and passing on your knowledge and skills is the fastest ways to build credibility and to differentiate yourself as a graphic designer.

Increase your discoverability in Google searches.

While it’s important to have an online presence in your design portfolio, it can be difficult for your portfolio to rank in search engines like Google. However, if you generate regular fresh content on a graphic design blog, you will greatly increase your visibility within Google and your likelihood of being found in searches. While there is no guarantee that this will put you at the top of the list for the search query that you want, it will certainly increase your chances of being found for information on a topic you write about.

You can also improve your visibility on Google with SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing techniques. Many designers overlook the importance of inbound marketing as a strategy to attract interest and new clients, but doing this effectively will help you secure a pipeline of continuous clients month-to-month.

Build an audience.

If you don’t intend to become a freelance graphic designer, you might thing that a blog will not help you land a job, but that’s not the case. Building an audience and marketing yourself effectively is valuable to employers—from design firms to in-house managers. It demonstrates the value that you can create and shows that you are a commodity. Employers are interested in real world results and the ability to attract attention and interest, even within niche market.

Plus, the stronger your audience, the more valuable you are as an employee. If you can bring a preexisting fan base to a design firm or an in-house design team, you’ll stand out among other candidates.

Document your growth as a designer.

If you maintain your design blog consistently, you’ll be able to see how your work, views and experiences as a designer have changed over time. This can be essential when you’re making decisions about your future. You can look back and understand the ideas and processes that brought you back to this point in your career and identify mistakes you’ve made in the past.

You can also take the opportunity to document your projects and how you accomplished them, which will provided context for employers and clients when they see the results you can produce.

Everyone is a media company.

Today, it’s important for design professionals and brands to think of themselves as media companies. A blog is the central hub for your content and the relationships you have developed elsewhere. Implement a subscription function to gain insights about your audience. By capturing the email addresses of the people who follow your blog, you can directly engage with them and understand who your audience is.

In the end, designers are visual storytellers, and your blog servers as the omnibus for your creative journey!

By Robin Houghton

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