Event Branding: The Importance of a Cohesive Approach

by Tori Atkinson of Shaw+Skerm

Done right, event branding has the power to bring businesses to a new level of industry prominence. By combining a strategic approach with a creative perspective, companies can experience the full effect of event branding — using the experiential factor to their advantage for maximum impact. But powerful design alone doesn’t guarantee a successful or memorable event — to truly leave a lasting impact, cohesion is crucial.

If you’re ready to explore event branding but need some help navigating your way through the process, this is how it’s done.

The Drumroll

No business can afford to underestimate the importance of a thoroughly planned pre-event campaign. The countdown to the big day may offer you the time to plan and prepare for the event, but it also gives you a chance to build excitement and, more importantly, maximize awareness. Seize the period of time leading up to your event as an opportunity to spread the word — using professionally designed promo to give your event as much exposure as possible.

Events like the HOW Design Live Conference don’t just crop up — they’re the culmination of a visually powerful and cohesive campaign. The key thing to remember is that all elements of your design — across the campaign and event — should complement each other, working effectively together to create an overall visual concept that’s tight and harmonious. Without considering how the pieces of your design puzzle fit together, the campaign is likely to be disjointed and ultimately unsuccessful.


The Drawing Board

From the moment the design phase begins, you’re making a commitment to a concept. This original blueprint for the overarching event branding will inevitably shape all aspects of the design from here, including the pre-event campaign, tickets, invites and any promotion done through social media or email marketing. Ensuring that visual motifs and language styles are cohesive across all elements guarantees maximum impact — creating an authentic and powerful identity around your event.

The initial brainstorming phase of your campaign creative is crucial to everything that follows, providing a framework for the experiential design itself and providing a sense of unity among all creative components. Delivering on what your event campaign offers is the ultimate way to make sure the big event is a seamless and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

The Day Of

Experiential design is about much more than filling a room. A professional approach requires a considered approach to all design elements — particularly exploring how these components fit together visually and combine to create the big picture. To offer visitors the best possible experience, all elements of the event should cooperate with each other — constructing a logical and engaging attendee journey.

Getting from A to B — or in this case, entrance to exit — shouldn’t be an accident. It’s essential to look at how you can use design to guide attendees smoothly from one focal point to the next – and event branding experts approach this idea of an experiential journey with a focus on fluidity.

From the drawing board to the day of the event, a considered and cohesive approach to event branding is vital — and guarantees every attendee an immersive and unforgettable experience.

BioPic[1]Tori Atkinson is a creative design blogger for Shaw+Skerm – providing event branding expertise to SMEs and organisations in and around London.