7 Desk Accessories for Your Office or Design Studio

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to fill your studio with furniture from IKEA. We all know workspace design is key to productivity. Designer desk accessories which are clever—yet practical—can also fuel our creativity. From New York to Copenhagen, here are 10 products which you might want to have in your design workspace, office or lounge. Some are creative touches; others are practical must-haves. All could be added to your holiday wish list.

1. App My Box

Need help organizing? Rotho, a storage box company in Germany, founded App My Box, the world’s first app box. Each plastic box has its own individual QR code and the boxes help keep track of storage directly from your smartphone. You can download the free app on your smartphone, give the box a name and enter the contents with all the details. Best part: If you’d rather keep your box contents private in a coworking space, now is your chance to label them privately.

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2. Kaweco Pens

If you’re going to pull out any pens in the office, you might as well write to impress. Kaweco pens, a 130-year-old German pen company, treats writing instruments like diamonds, that is, very preciously. The DIA2 series is a classic design which hails back to the 1940s and has brass clips, metal fittings and chrome plating that will dress up any desk. Just don’t lend this pen out to your fellow coworkers. You might never get it back.

3. Adobe’s Mighty pen

It’s sort of like Adobe’s pen of the future; the Mighty allows designers and artists to draw on their screens, allowing them to turn their iPads into sketchbooks. It provides the ability to record ideas on the fly and send them digitally to your team. It’s the quintessential tool for the digital creative, draws a natural line; it also connects to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. They also have a digital ruler called the Napoleon, which works with the Mighty. Find the Mighty pen here.

4. Walnut Monitor Stand


This walnut monitor stand for your monitor claims to be ergonomic, as it adds storage space underneath your monitor. Made from brown walnut wood, it can sustain up to 200 pounds and helps bring your monitor to your eye level while working, avoiding slouching at your desk. The pieces are made in Los Angeles and Portland and are hand-finished with vegetable-based oil. It goes well with their other products, which include a walnut keyboard tray, a walnut mouse pad, phone charger and pen cup.

5. Stelton coffee mugs

The ‘Circle Mug’ from Stelton in Denmark, offers two-tone stoneware mugs designed by Francis Cayouette, a Canadian designer who runs the award-winning design firm, Unit10. They come in a variety of spring colors, from a coral reef to lime green. They even have a matching vacuum jug (the trademark Stelton jug from the 1970s).

6. Siegel Magnet Board

Need somewhere to post notes but tired of your typical corkboard? The Artverum glass magnet board from Sigel is a cooler approach. It comes in various sizes, is magnetic, and is the color of concrete. Post flyers, calendars and reminders for yourself and others, as anyone can write and wipe on these boards, too. They come in seven colors, from black to white and turquoise. They’re great for group meetings, too; Artverum also sells a white satin sheet for the larger boards, so presentations can be projected onto the screen.

7. Bonbon Lamps

Image Source: Ana Kras

Image source: atelierdore.com

For those offices which feel a tad sterile, perhaps a handmade lantern might warm things up? Ana Kraš, a Serbian artist based in New York, has created a delightful series of lamps called Bonbons. These multi-colored, dyed-cotton string lamps soften any rooms. Made by looping threads onto wire frames, you can see the bulb peeking through the strands, casting shadows onto nearby walls. This series is handmade and one of a kind, and is referred to as a “family of lanterns.” They have a fantastic, retro Japanese vibe to them.