The 2011 #HOWLive Social Media Guide

Many of you are already in Chicago for HOW Design Live. Others have started your journey or will soon prepare to leave for the design experience of 2011 (4 Conferences over 6 Days—All Under 1 Roof). Beyond the dynamic speakers and sessions as well as coveted resource center you’ll have access to, there is another very important aspect of HOW Design Live: the social aspect.

When else do you have a chance to connect with thousands of designers all in one place? When else do you have a chance to network with thousands of professionals and build off one another’s creative energy?

HOW Design Live is the time. Although social media will never replace the opportunity to embrace face-to-face interactions and networking opportunities, it does offer a chance to build on those moments, and to keep the buzz circulating from your 2011 HOW Design Live experience until next year.

And if you aren’t joining us at the conference this year, well, following the social media conversations is the next best thing until you can join us at HOW Design Live in 2012.

If you’re heading to Chicago, be sure to read these tips on what to know before you go. Also, stop by the AIGA lounge if you are checking in to the Hyatt in Chicago.

So here it is. Your 2011 HOW Design Live Social Media Guide

HOW Design Live: There’s an App for That

Always have the HOW Design Live schedule at your fingertips, including the capability to personalize your own schedule. You’ll also be tapped into social media surrounding #HOWLive and have easy access for searching nearby restaurants. If you have an iPhone, get your app now.

HOW Design Live Conference App

Connect with Twitter

First and foremost, follow @HOWBrand on Twitter to get the latest news on what’s happening and when, as well as updates from HOW Design Live sessions.

HOW editors and designers also will be tweeting live from sessions. Follow them and join the conversation!

Twitter will be exploding with conversations surrounding HOW Design Live events. There are multiple ways you can take part of those conversations or start your very own via Twitter! Keep tabs though on all of the hashtags, since designers from multiple disciplines will be sharing insights, etc., from all sessions. Plus, see what people are talking about at all the HOW Design Live events.

Also, don’t forget to share your creative pictures on Twitter!

Official General Hashtags
Use these official hashtags as liberally as you’d like!

#HOWLive is meant to be used by anyone and everyone attending any of the HOW Design Live events happening June 22-27 in Chicago. If you are attending the HOW Conference (June 24-27), use this hashtag.

#HOWInHOWse is meant to house conversations surrounding HOW’s In-HOWse Managers Conference (June 24-27). Be sure to check in to see what these designers are experiencing during their event.

#HOWFreelance is the place to go to see what freelancers are learning and talking about as they dive into The Creative Freelancer Conference (June 23-24).

#DLConf is new this year to the HOW Design Live lineup, and will concentrate on package design (June 22-24).


Official Session Hashtags
If you are attending the HOW Conference, each session has been assigned a specific hashtag. This is an opportunity to have concentrated conversations with attendees in your sessions and continue the conversations well after your sessions ends. Many of the HOW speakers also are on Twitter, so invite them in to the conversations on Twitter as well.

Or, if you were torn between two sessions happening in the same time slot, check the hashtags to catch a glimpse of what people are talking about.

Click here to download a PDF of the HOW Design Live Twitter hashtags.
Check the “welcome” slide as you enter your session for specific hashtags as well.

Submit a Question Via Twitter
Are you attending a panel discussion happening on Monday, June 27? Questions are traditionally collected on paper at registration (and still can be). But you also can submit your question via twitter: #HOWQuestions.

Check your schedule and see which panel you will be attending on Monday, June 27. Then, submit questions to fuel the discussions via twitter using #HOWQuestions.

This is your chance to have experts answer and/or debate your question!

Connect with Facebook

HOW Magazine Faceook

HOW Magazine on Facebook

Follow HOW Magazine and HOW Design Conference on Facebook to continue riveting conversations sparked by your sessions, to connect with fellow creatives who also are in Chicago, and to continue the daily design inspiration after you leave HOW Design Live.

Plus, share your favorite conference photos on Facebook!