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Stock Image Index

Each year, HOW magazine compiles a list of stock-photo and illustration companies to help graphic designers find the best images for their projects.

Behind The Design: HOW’s Cover

In 2005, HOW magazine debuted a new bold cover design onto newsstands with a larger than life logo. This cover setup for the then 20-year-old magazine presented interesting opportunities for art directors and illustrators to push the creative envelope and discover what interesting shapes and objects could form the letters “H,” “O” and “W.”...

Smart Hiring Tactic

Design-firm principal turned business coach Peleg Top writes about smart hiring practices for design firms. One of his more unconventional recommendations is requiring job candidates to fill out a detailed application form—by hand—and to return it to you by mail or fax. Download a sample application.

Values Assessment

In this assessment, you’ll first identify all the values that are important to you. Then you’ll narrow down the list to your 10 most important values. Last, you’ll identify which of your top 10 values are satisfied in your current work situation. This process will help you understand what’s missing now so that you...

HOW internships

HOW seeks highly organized student interns to work in both editorial and design capacities on the magazine, books and online projects.

Designers Answer: Why I became a Designer

Break out the cake and bubbly, HOW is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2010. We're not only celebrating our special day, but we're celebrating the design industry, which is why we asked readers to tell us why they became a designer or to share an experience that influenced their decision for this career path.