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As a copywriting partner to designers, Deidre turns ideas into personality-rich words. From website content to newsletters and blog posts, Deidre helps brands create engaging content that speaks directly to their ideal clients. Check out Deidre's website at, and get her free report: 12 Sparks to Write Sizzling Content.

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You can’t mess with policy

I think calling something a “policy” immediately makes it more official. A few of my unspoken policies include: I will not check my email before I make my bed. Ilise Benun is the only person I will agree to speak with before 9 AM. If you ignore our scheduled phone call twice, and don’t apologize,...

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Professional Headshots – What a Difference!

I needed a new headshot. Like fellow CFBC attendee, Jill Anderson, mine was old. But, unlike Jill, who hired a professional photographer, I had my husband take a picture of me with my iPhone against my office door!   Did I know I should find a real photographer? Yes. But time kept passing, and...

Are other creatives our “competition”?

Are other writers the competition? I don’t think so. In fact, I think we need each other. Imagine if I could send ideal projects your way, and if you wanted, you could send some my way? I would love to be able to tell clients, “I’m not the right fit, but I know a...