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As a copywriting partner to designers, Deidre turns ideas into personality-rich words. From website content to newsletters and blog posts, Deidre helps brands create engaging content that speaks directly to their ideal clients. Check out Deidre's website at, and get her free report: 12 Sparks to Write Sizzling Content.

Deidre Rienzo

Are you wasting time online?

Can you ignore the twitch that takes you away from work to check Facebook, look for a new eggplant parmesan recipe, see if those shoes went on sale yet, or see what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast? Check your email, for the 57th time today…

Do open rates matter?

My recent newsletter had one of my lowest open rates yet. But its subject line -- Tired of Waiting for Copy? -- was also the most targeted to my ideal audience.

You Will Not Be Alone at CFC

Last year was my first Creative Freelancer Conference (in Denver)—and the only person I knew was Ilise. I was nervous because although I consider myself to be a people-person, I can get nervous in big groups. I pictured a big group of strangers all looking at me—and me, with nobody to talk to. In...

Love Letter to Freshbooks

I hope this isn’t too forward, but I am in love with you. You make my heart flutter. You bring me so much joy, save me hours of aggravation, and allow me to be organized. You have smoothed my once rocky relationship with money, and you’ve made running my business so much easier.

Where’s the room for feelings?

I’m a sensitive person who probably feels too much instead of too little. I think a lot of creatives are. And in our work, we often try to create a feeling through our design, writing, photography—we aim to create a feel with our creative work.

Bye Bye Hoodies

I hit a new low last week; I must admit my secret. Hopefully it’s the first step to recovery. Last week, I went to the supermarket in my pajamas. Yes, PAJAMAS. The pajama pants were black, but they had pink lace trimming, which I simply tucked inside my Uggs.

Where’s the fine line? Part 1

Ah, the unending quest to find balance in my workday. Lately I’ve been quite busy (which is great), but I’ve noticed some curious behaviors popping up in my normally routine-ish workday (which I’ve worked pretty hard to establish). This has left me wondering, at what point does our usage of “freelancer flexibility” begin to...

A Fearless, Cold-Calling Illustrator

P>Many creatives struggle with making cold-calls.  But anyone who had overcome the discomfort and made it part of their business surely knows the benefits.  Luc Latulippe is a very popular illustrator– who seems to have no qualms about making cold calls. He claims that 99% of illustrators are sending out postcards to get new...