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Ed Roberts is a writer, speaker and award-winning creative director who is an expert at constructing high-performing in-house teams comprised of creative superheroes. Ed enjoys exploring topics on creativity, design, strategic thinking and corporate creative management. He serves on the board of InSource. Follow him on Twitter @InHouseObs.


Inspiration Wednesday: Jeffrey Zeldman on Content

Content is not just a writer’s problem, it is a design problem. As good advertising comes from the product, and good filmmaking begins with a riveting story, good web design starts with content.  –Jeffrey Zeldman If you don’t know of Jeffrey Zeldman, I’m sorry, you just might be living under a really, REALLY big...


3 Tips for Working Smarter with IT Department

I can remember a time when a well-designed, strategically positioned direct-mail piece was one of only a few options used to connect brands with consumers. Over the last five years an explosion of truly smart channels have opened up, ushering in a whole new set of social tactics for use by strategic communicators. When...

Anne Sweeney

Anne Sweeney’s 3 Characteristics of a Great Leader

After 18 years of working at Disney, Anne Sweeney has reportedly decided to “… step out of the comfort zone of the executive ranks and more directly into the creative arena …” and pursue her passion for learning the art of directing. Sweeney’s new career goal is to become a television director. “If not...