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Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing Mentor and co-producer of the Creative Freelancer Conference, works with creative freelancers who are serious about building healthy businesses. Connect with Ilise's expertise through books she authors, conference sessions and DesignCasts.Sign up for her Quick Tips.


Freelancers on the term “Freelancer”

More than 3 years ago, one of the posts that got the most comments was one called, “Is Freelancer a Negative Term?” It’s 2014 and there are more and more freelancers taking the leap into full-time freelancing. And this question came up again in the online course I’m teaching through HOW Design University, “How...

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Tips to Conquer the Rest of 2014 via @PhotoShelter

Can you believe we are already almost halfway through 2014? The good news: You still have six months left to bring in business and end the year strong. Actually, there’s just over 200 days left, so you’ve got a lot to work with. If you didn’t make it to HOW Design Live or the...

Video interview with Ilise Benun & Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks

Pricing Tips for Freelancers (+ Resources too!)

More and more mainstream publications are writing more and more frequently about the challenges of freelancing — here’s one more article from Alina Tugend (@atugend) of The New York Times “Personal Business” section (from 5/31/14) called “Tips for Those Who Set Their Own Salaries.” In it she cites Lindsay Van Thoen from The Freelancers...


Gorgeous Headshots at CFBC #HOWLive

One of the reasons to come to a live event is to participate in the activities that are just impossible to do online — and this year, HDL had more activities than ever before — it was a virtual “happening” with live music in the hallways, lots of networking of course and, for the...

Ilise Benun on your online marketing plan

Do Designers Need Business Insurance?

At the Creative Freelancer Business Conference in Boston, one of the important (but not-so-sexy) business questions that came up a few times was, “Do we need business insurance? And if so, what kind and how much?” It’s an important question, but certainly not sexy. Still needs to be addressed, especially if you work in...


Don’t Worry if You Missed HOW Design Live — Watch it Online!

Did you miss HOW Design Live in Boston? Or are you simply looking to attend sessions you missed? This is your chance: The best of HOW Design Live will be available online — from June 9-22, 2014 — including 2 CFBC sessions: Douglas Davis, Principle, The Davis Group LLC, and Assistant Professor, NYC College...


How Important is Self Confidence?

I’m doing final preparations today for my kick-off session tomorrow morning at The Creative Freelancer Business Conference and came across the column in the NY Times today by David Brooks: The Problem with Confidence, which I’ll be referring to in my talk because it is so relevant to creative professionals. Here’s an excerpt: The...