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New Tool Benchmarks In-house Team Performance. Check Out the Surprising Results!

New Tool Benchmarks In-house Team Performance. Check Out the Surprising Results! By Jackie Shaffer Cella Consulting and Relationship Audits and Management (RAM) recently published the PartnerPulse™ Aggregate Results Report, in which we compared and contrasted the results of in-house groups with the results of external agencies.   More specifically, PartnerPulse is a tool for...


20/20 Hindsight

20/20 Hindsight By Jackie Schaffer None of us do everything right the first time around. Being able to reflect on what you would do differently is a healthy exercise. Doing so allows you to course correct, help others learn from your missteps and demonstrate professional growth. Across the past three years that I have...


What Drives Similarities in Creative Groups?

What Drives Similarities in Creative Groups? By Jackie Schaffer   Creative leaders often ask Cella “how are others in my industry doing this?” And while there are certainly opportunities to learn from other creative teams within your industry, it’s not always the best common denominator to use as a source of comparison. For example,...


Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go By Jackie Schaffer To advance in your career, you need to manage things within your control to positive outcomes. For example, if you are a designer and someone helps you with part of a project, you review that part of the project before sharing it with the client to ensure...


Design Project Management Software Solutions

Choosing and implementing a project-management system can be a daunting task. In HOW's March 2013 In-House Issues column, Cella Consulting’s Jackie Schaffer walks you through the process step-by-step so you can pick the right solution for your in-house team. Here is her handy list of design project management software options.


Avoid Extinction: Keep Your Skills and Your Team’s Skills Sharp

Avoid Extinction: Keep Your Skills and Your Team’s Skills Sharp By: Jackie Schaffer During a recent series of roundtable meetings with creative leaders, we asked whether each team had training budgets and whether they were adequate. The answers were across the board. The most generous approach included a set amount per team member per...


The Cella Slant: On Professional Development

By Jackie Schaffer At the beginning of 2012, I pledged to read at least six books that would support my professional development. I am going to fall short of that goal—I am hoping to finish the fourth book in the next week or so, but am disappointed I didn’t meet my goal. I made the...


Being Happy at Work is Something to be Thankful For

By Jackie Schaffer Being happy at work is much more than being well compensated. Though, when college seniors are fortunate enough to receive more than one job offer, typically salary is the primary differentiator. And even those of us who have been in the workplace for some time are often swayed by higher compensation offers....


The Cella Slant: A Love-Hate Relationship with Time Tracking

Recently a few members of an in-house creative team stopped me mid-sermon to say “Jackie, we’re not anti-time tracking. We just want it to be easy.” I had falsely assumed the team didn’t want to time track. But in reality the team had already bought into the advantages of time tracking, they just were...


You are not alone…common “battles” of the in-house creative team

You are not alone…common “battles” of the in-house creative team By: Jackie Schaffer There are some challenges in-house creative teams face that don’t have easy solutions—and some are more challenging and pervasive than others. This posting doesn’t provide too many solutions, rather hopefully a little comfort that your creative team is experiencing similar challenges...