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Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome to Design Finds, our weekly collection of creative news and interesting things we found around the web. This week’s selection is delightfully interactive, with an egg decorating contest and a website dedicated to finding the world’s favorite color. Feeling lazy? No problem—sit back and enjoy a mindbending music video too. 1. Help Choose...


Agile, Holistic, Collaborative: How DesignStudio Builds Brands in the Digital Age

Take everything you know about traditional advertising and identity design. Now forget it, and instead, take a look at the way DesignStudio is doing business. Founded by Paul Stafford and Ben Wright in 2009, DesignStudio has matured into a powerhouse in the design world. In PRINT Magazine’s Fall 2016 issue, design icon David Carson identified DesignStudio as...


Raise a Glass: 16 Award-Winning Beer Packaging Designs

Great news, designers: Research suggests that drinking beer can fuel your creativity. But between tossing back brews, I find that checking out some killer beer packaging designs tends to hold me over in the inspiration department. So sit back, crack open your favorite brew and explore some of these great beer labels and cans. The designs...