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About Jim Godfrey

Jim Godfrey is a typography junkie who finds himself comping type on his kids’ sack lunches before they go to school. He’s the chair of the Department of Art and Visual Communications at Utah Valley University and has been working with type for more than 20 years. A signed and numbered letterpress version of his 34 Typographic Sins poster, printed by Rowley Press in Provo, UT, is available for $65 from his website.

Typographic Sins

7 Typographic Sins Thou Shalt Not Commit

Typographic Hell. It’s not a pleasant place to be. Some of us are headed there, and we’re making others suffer along the way. But fear not: Redemption is here. In the July Issue of HOW, designer and typography junkie Jim Godfrey tells of 34 Typographic sins (download all now) and how to free yourself...