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Shake the funk by helping

Sometimes when things get tough, I get into this whining mood and it really becomes a pity party, table for one. It can happen to the best of us, but how do we find a way out?

2 Arguments for Hiring a Copywriter

Having good copy is as important as having good design. It’s something that we as designers should bring to the table when we can because it shows we are more than just pixel pushers. We are helping the client grow their business and that makes us harder to replace than some online service.

Profits. What a concept.

I think most solopreneurs make the mistake of thinking that profit is what you make when you happen to finish a job in fewer hours than you estimated. Or a vendor comes in cheaper than expected. To me, that’s gravy, not profit.

Invest in Yourself

A service company is a human-centric business. As a company owner or leader, you should invest in the people that work for you. With a culture of one, it’s a little different because you are on your own. But I would argue that “your people” in this case is simply yourself. If you want...

A Culture of One — Check Your Attitude

In most cases, when I verbalize a problem, it turns out to be less of a problem than what I’ve played it up to be in my mind. If you sit alone and let things swirl out of control, it will start to affect your attitude toward everything. Get those feelings out so you...

A Culture of One – Intro

I recently spoke to a group of technology service company owners about branding. The event was in Las Vegas and put on by a company called Kaseya. My mission in my talk was to convince the audience about the value of proper branding. I started my speech by explaining what branding is and isn’t....

Lesson 4: When to suck it up

I’ve spoken numerous times about only working with clients who are a good fit and how you should work with clients with whom you can do your best work. Generally, I still believe that. But I also believe that sometimes you have to suck it up.