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Build Your Client Base

Are you poised to pounce on any new-business opportunities? A business expert outlines 9 approaches to position your firm to build a client base now, even if you're swamped, so that business can benefit better when things slow.

Movin’ On Up

Ready to move into a bigger, better office space? Before you start packing the boxes, consider the following important business factors that will influence where you set up shop.

Lost In Translation

Being a great designer doesn't guarantee you'll succeed as a creative director. Here's a guide to help you navigate the bumpy road from creative work to creative management.

Leading the Way

If you think leadership is about being a boss and getting people on the same page, you've got it all wrong. It's about being a colleague and getting people to talk to each other. Get ready for Leadership 2.0.

9 Sure-Fire Job Security Strategies

Competition for your job has never been more fierce than it is right now. So it's a great time to increase your visibility and demonstrate your value to your company. Tracey Turner of The Creative Group tells you how.

Be Your Client’s Best Friend

How do you keep established clients from defecting to cheaper firms? Simple: Become the essential partner your clients can't live without. A veteran designer and a management consultant offer eight tips on staying connected.

Building a Brand from Ground Zero

Faced with harsh economic realities, two design-firm principals made the ultimate tough decision: Close their full-service branding agency, downsize drastically and re-emerge in a leaner, more focused form. Here's how they built a new brand from the ashes.