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Curiosity is Jet Fuel for Your Creativity

For my books and talks, I’ve interviewed hundreds of highly creative people in design and dozens of other fields – and one trait they all share is tenacious curiosity. Here are five ways curiosity can help expand your creativity.

10 Ways to Know You’re Becoming a Stronger Presenter

Quick – how good of a presenter are you? Hard to gauge, isn’t it? Other than any direct feedback we receive from audiences, it’s difficult to know if our speaking skills are becoming better, staying the same or, God forbid, getting worse. Below are 10 ways to know if your speaking skills are strong...

Create a Nurturing Environment for Bold Ideas

Bold, unsafe ideas are useless to the organization unless those ideas are grounded in strategy, grounded in the essence of the brand, grounded in the wants and needs, hopes and dreams of end users. Find tips for ensuring a safe environment to nurture big ideas.

Sam Harrison

Think “Next Play” For The New Year

Duke Blue Devils basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski will often shout “next play!” to his players as they run past him during games. That’s because Coach K doesn’t want his team fretting over a foul, steal or missed shot that just took place on the other end of the court. He wants his players in...