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The Be Brave Project

Destination is Inspiration for One Brave Designer

Jennifer Sukis lays siege to the continental United States in her quest to understand creative inspiration. Her weapons of choice are a pen and an open mind. Protecting the battlements are creative superpowers who have boldly changed their life using creativity alone.

pantone skins 2

Human Skin Tone Scale: Pantone Edition

For her latest project, Brazil based designer Angelica Dass is in the process of compiling a skin color chart of human skin tones. As a reference point for all the different skin colors, Dass has adapted a system in which she samples an 11 x 11 pixel space on the face of the subject,...


James Victore Presents: Take This Job & Love It

In case you haven’t heard, James Victore is hosting a day long conference on September 29th.  To get everyone as excited about this as we are, we asked James a few questions about the conference and about himself.  He obliged, and here are the results: Photo by John Ellis HOW Magazine: What made you...


This Is Worth More Than 1,000 Words

A lot of different companies have posters for sale that depict a scene from a book.  A few of those companies use a portion of the actual text from the book to draw the picture, taking advantage of negative space and the contrast of white and black. But this company, NovelPoster, uses the book’s...


Duct Tape Meets Super Glue

Meet sugru. The wickedly awesome material that has been raved about by everyone from the Daily Telegraph to WIRED Magazine to TIME.  This HOW blogger is wondering what sugru cannot do. What is Sugru? Hand formable- sugru can be formed and shaped by hand for up to 30 minutes once it has been removed...


Casa Rex Illustrates Almir Correia’s Childrens Book: Babuxa

Gustavo Piqueira’s (Head of design firm Casa Rex) most recent work is not a product, nor does it consist of a majority of text.  This time around, Piqueira’s colorful creation is an illustrated children’s book. The illustrations were created with a paintbrush and in Nankeen ink and are integrated into the graphic design of...

cards progress 2

Custom Cards

Designer Emmanuel Jose has been making his own custom playing cards, each one is hand cut paper, unique and two-feet tall. On a website built for nothing more than displaying his work, Jose says: I’m Emmanuel, and I create paper cutting art. In 2011, I made a deck of transformation playing cards, creating 1...