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About Terry Lee Stone

Terry Lee Stone is a Los Angeles-based writer and creative strategist. She has worked with top design firms, teaches the business of design at Art Center College of Design, and wrote the two-book series called, Managing The Design Process. She will be speaking at t the 2013 HOW Design Live Conference on Design Career Lifecycle.

Understanding Design Strategy

In the broadest sense, “strategy” is a plan for how to achieve a goal. In business, strategy bridges the gap between policy (guidelines governing action) and tactics (a set of techniques). Strategy is what a company develops to differentiate itself from competitors’ actual or predicted moves. It’s complex and it drives every decision a...

a verynice design studio

Designer Spotlight: a verynice design studio

“Our studio was founded on the seemingly naive principle: save the world, and don’t just make money,” admits Matthew Manos, founder of a verynice design studio. The studio is inspired by social, rather than financial objectives, but manages to balance both.