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The “problem” of more work than you can handle

Finding enough work to fill your pipeline can be a challenge, especially in the early days of your freelance career. But if you do your marketing work consistently, provide great service, and eat your Wheaties long enough, your business will eventually reach a point where you’re pushing the limits of your capacity. This doesn’t...

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Freelancers: It pays to charge what you’re worth

Several years ago I got a call from one of my favorite clients, who I’ll call “Frank” because it’s not his real name. “Tom,” he said, “we’re going to have to start working with someone less expensive. We simply can’t afford your rate anymore.” Was I disappointed? You bet. Frank had been a great...

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Why Every Freelancer Should Take a Vacation

Being self-employed means you can take a day off—or a week, or a month, or even more—whenever you like. Yet ironically many freelancers find it stressful to take a vacation. Even mentioning the subject typically triggers one of two intense visceral responses in a freelancer’s “lizard” brain: “Ack! I don’t have enough work! I...

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Top 5 Highlights from this year’s CFBC

My business gets stronger every time I attend the Creative Freelancer Business Conference. I come home with more great ideas, resources, and new contacts than it seems possible to take advantage of in a single year (though that won’t stop me from trying). Here are just a few of this year’s high points: 1.   ...

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Freelancers: A room full of potential clients!

Success Tips for this year’s Freelancer Showcase & Matchmaking Happy Hour at HOWLive/CFBC. Last year I made enough new client connections at the first Freelancer Showcase & Matchmaking Happy Hour to cover the entire cost of my trip to the Creative Freelancer Conference in San Francisco—including travel, meals, and all that jazz—and I’m still...


7 Freelance Virtues

Whether you're just starting out or have been a solo pro for decades, we can all thrive in 2014 by renewing our commitment to these 7 freelance virtues.

Yes Virginia, amazing clients really do exist

My holiday season started out with some unexpected gifts. First, a designer I met at the Denver CFC in 2010 sent a new client my way and we did a small job together. A few days later, I sent my invoice and got an unexpected response: “Tom, we’ll be sending you a bonus. We...