Best of Interactive Design Awards: Web Design and Interactive Media

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HOW’s Interactive Design Awards showcase the best of the best in responsive web design, mobile app design, kiosk and interactive design. The winners of the awards create stunning interactive design projects and unbelievable digital experiences.

Need some interactive design inspiration? The Best of the Interactive Design Awards shows you the most impressive projects from the 2012 and 2013 Interactive Design Awards. In this collection, you’ll find revolutionary interactive campaigns by some of the greatest minds in interactive graphic design today. Each winner offers users a powerful, adaptive experience that keeps visitors clicking, exploring and engaging.

In The Best of the Interactive Design Awards, you’ll learn about cutting-edge web design technology and tools that have elevated the most impressive interactive design projects above the rest.

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This collection is the perfect resource for interactive designers looking for inspiration or eye candy. You’ll find consumer websites, in-house interactive design project, games and apps for all devices, promotional websites and more—all among the most stunning on the web.

This is a thrilling time for interactive multimedia design. Mobile app designs, game designs, and interactive website designs continuously create new ways to explore and create digital experiences. Explore the integration of interactivity into multiple platforms, educational exhibits, social media apps and ad campaigns. If you want to check out the best of the best in interactive design or learn what tactics interactive designers are using to launch innovative ad campaigns, games and more, this collection is for you.

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Read about the interactive multimedia design winners from 2012 and 2012.

Interactive Graphic Design: Best of Show 2012 and 2013

Check out the Best of Show winners from the 2012 and 2013 Interactive Design Awards in this impressive lineup. In 2012, the prize went to the website for the Nissan Leaf, an awe-inspiring interactive campaign that challenged interactive web design norms, much like the car that inspired it challenged norms in car design. Read about what made the project so visionary.

Read on to check out "Paper," the 2013 Best of Show winner. This mobile app design project brings the best attributes of paper to the digital world, offering a tray of drawing tools and a palette that makes it easy to start creating on this app that allows you to create designs like you would on an old-school notebook.

Find outstanding interactive web design inspiration.


Outstanding Responsive Web Design Inspiration

Responsive web design is a must-have when creating interactive experiences. Explore the ways web designers have created sites and projects that adapt to every device, from big desktop monitors to smartphone screens. Read about the different tools you can use to create the most impressive multi-device web design projects, including the Foo Fighters Official Website.

Think outside the box with interactive graphic design projects.

Innovative Interactive Graphic Design Projects

Interactive web design gives creative the opportunity to think outside the box. Much like the creative un-conference it represents, the website for Barcamp Omaha, combines two compelling ideas: gig posters and old factories. With its gorgeous type and head-turning illustrations, this one-page site feels like something you’d want to hang on a wall. Read about the way design firm Grain & Mortar put together an interactive website design like no other.

Interactive design isn’t just for the web. Check out the ways interactive graphic design students at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies created an interactive installation to get viewers to interact with the exhibit and one another via Quick Response (QR) codes.

Explore interactive media designs from web to apps.

Web Design and Interactive Media: Games, Mobile Apps and More

Because mobile users spend an average of 2.7 hours a day on their various devices, games and mobile app designs are all the rage in interactive design. Read about the augmented reality experience VML Australia created to promote Nokia’s Lumia 800. Participants were invited to participate in dance-offs, kick Angry Birds and interact with a virtual kangaroo, all on a huge outdoor screen!

In 2013, in a truly viral interactive design experience, Leo Burnett and arc Worldwide launched a 50,000-person snowball fight, all via mobile app. A custom program for 7-11 stores to raise awareness about The Coca-Cola Company’s Arctic Home program, this downloadable game app and social media experience was free for users and offered an immersive interactive graphic design experience.

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Want to design interactive media and websites? This collection will show you what top-tier interactive design experts are working on and the innovative ways they incorporate new tools and designs into their projects. Read about the process of building these groundbreaking web design projects and learn what tools and resources the experts used to create them.

If you’re a web designer or you’re just interested in checking out the latest and greatest in interactive media design, this collection is perfect for you. Can you top the work of these interactive, multimedia design experts with your own web designs?

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