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When hunting for fresh reading material, how do you choose your ideal book? If you’re like the folks at HOW and Print, you make a beeline for the best book cover design on the shelf. Let’s face it: What designer hasn’t spent hours dawdling in the bookstore perusing book covers’ design for inspiration?

In this free download from Print Magazine, you’ll find 17 pages of articles featuring invaluable book cover design advice and a healthy dose of eye candy. With dozens of covers—from gorgeous, innovative design to timeless classics and even trashy romance novels—this collection is truly the ideal resource for bibliophiles and designers alike. Explore them all with this free download, simply enter your email and it’s yours today.

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The worlds of print (and digital) book cover design is hardly fading. After all, publishers routinely outfit their backlist titles with a new book jacket that’s sure to keep a classic book afloat in an easily-distracted market.

With this free download you’ll learn how to design a book cover from top-notch creatives at Penguin, Vintage/Random House and other leaders in the literary design world. These valuable tips will help you design a cover that will catch reader’s eyes and fly off the shelves.

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The Best Book Cover Design May Not See the Light of Day


Kill Your Darlings: The Best Book Cover Design May Not See the Light of Day

As offline readership continues to decline the mere fact of a bound, printed book with a paper book jacket design is something to celebrate. But everyone who’s learned how to design and sell a book cover has at least one that got away—a fresh, inventive cover that was shot down en route to the bookstore shelf. These “lost” designs form a parallel universe in which the books we read and love exist in entirely different skins.

Painting Book Covers’ Design


Painting Book Covers’ Design

Lately, a handful of well-read visual artists have looked to book design—specifically the classic book covers of the 20th century—as a source of raw material and inspiration. Some paint book covers straight up, carefully replicating type and illustration, as well as the marks of wear and tear on particular copies. Others alter existing designs or invent their own jackets and titles. It’s surely no coincidence that artists are choosing the book as a subject in this era of new reading technologies. Peter Terzian explores these painted book covers.

How to Design a Book Cover Good Enough for Penguin


How to Design a Book Cover Good Enough for Penguin

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Penguin Books, art director
Paul Buckley chose 75 book covers to investigate the design process behind each one. In this collection, read about what worked and what didn’t. What did the designer or illustrator think? What did the author think? Consider these tips if you want to design your own book cover or create a compelling cover design.

The Seduction of Romance-Novel Book Jacket Design


The Seduction of Romance-Novel Book Jacket Design

Are you a secret romance novel addict? Perhaps you simply enjoy perusing the hilariously-designed covers in the romance section—featuring kilt-clad and muscled male models in preposterous poses behind nigh-embarrassing typographic titles. In this article from Print Magazine, Gail Anderson reminisces and explores romance book cover design—from the trashy to the tawdry to the surprisingly beautiful.

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And that’s not all you’ll find in this collection. Learn why designers are still reimagining the classics. Read what expert designers have to say about the process of reimagining paperback book covers. Find out how to design your own book cover and how to overcome the challenges you might face.

From the exquisite to the offbeat to the hilariously scandalous, you’ll find the best book cover design inspiration in this collection of works from Print Magazine.

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