8 Winning Examples of Brand Strategy in Packaging Design

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What is brand strategy and why is it important? Interbrand, the company that produces the annual Best Global Brands report, says this about corporate branding strategy –

Customers rely more on brands to guide their choice when competing products or services cannot be easily compared or contrasted, and trust is deferred to the brand.

In short, consumers choose brands that align with their demands. Strong brands understand their target market, recognize the needs of their core customers, then communicate those requirements though a clear message via a brand positioning statement. A brand strategy template can help to organize marketing, advertising and packaging design elements. Once developed a single brand strategy campaign is developed across multiple customer touchpoints.

8 Winning Examples of Brand Strategy in Packaging Design showcases the brands that have successfully integrated a brand strategy together with a clearly communicated, visual design strategy. Because packaging design involves a personal interaction at the point of purchase, packaging design may serve as the most vital piece of a brand development strategy.

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Why is Brand Strategy Important? Strong Brands Generate More Sales

It’s a simple truth – strong brands are category leaders that generate more sales. What is brand strategy? It is the personification of the brand. No, it isn’t human, but it does evoke an emotional, personal response that influences purchase decisions. At the point of purchase, package design is key, because it serves as a trigger or prompt that reminds a buyer of the brand promise. It is the final conduit in the selling cycle. Find out how 8 brands effectively used packaging design as part of an overall brand marketing strategy in 8 Winning Examples of Brand Strategy in Packaging Design.

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Learn About the Brand Strategy of Fat Bastard

Brand Strategy #1 – Fat Bastard Wine

Fat Bastard doesn’t exactly sound like the name of a French wine. In fact, it doesn’t sound much like a wine at all. Find out how Turner Duckworth used packaging design to communicate a corporate branding strategy that helped it achieve 10 percent of the French wine market in the U.S.

Learn About the Brand Strategy of Sub Pop Records

Brand Strategy #2 – Sub Pop Records

Sub Pop Records hired artist Jonathan Daly to create an album cover for comedian Eugene Mirman. Developing a design strategy for Mirman’s cd also helped in the company’s overall brand marketing strategy, showing off a very cool design to the sought after indie music market.

Learn About the Brand Strategy of Tropicana

Brand Strategy #3 – Tropicana

Sterling Brands used “visual equity research” to develop a multi-brand strategy for the Tropicana brand. Find out what image was the most recognizable to customers and why it provided a powerful brand strategy template that maintained its title of category leader. Spoiler Alert: A 2009 redesign that took out this image lost the company 20 percent in sales over just two months and a packaging design reversal.

Learn About the Brand Strategy of Tracker Tec Boots

Brand Strategy #4 – Tracker Tec Boots

A brand positioning strategy doesn’t have to stop after the sale. Montville Sales wanted to showcase the many adventures available to the owner of their Tracker Tec Boots. How did they do it? They used the one thing often overlooked when creating branding strategy.

Learn About the Brand Strategy of Mrs. Meyers

Brand Strategy #5 – Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

A branding positioning strategy requires a deep understanding of your demographics – “What does your customer want and how can you provide it?” Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day was a low cost brand alternative to the company’s already successful premium brand. Who is Mrs. Meyer’s and why was she so important to the branding strategy?

Learn About the Brand Strategy of Paddywax

Brand Strategy #6 – Paddywax

Never underestimate the value of a good story especially in a category dominated by women. Paddywax hired Principle to design packaging for a new line of flower fragranced candles. How did they develop a multi-brand strategy for six uniquely smelling products? Hint: the product name is “The Journey of the Bee.”

Learn About the Brand Strategy of Starbucks

Brand Strategy #7 – Starbucks

When Starbucks introduced their Iced Coffee product line into an already crowded marketplace, their in-house creative team developed a brand positioning strategy that reflected both the product and the end user – simple and understated. Color was key in the packaging design strategy. What color did the company use to communicate “cold and refreshing?”

Learn About the Brand Strategy of Olive Soap Lump


The package design for the Olive Soap Lump includes this happy face on its biodegradable packaging. The brand marketing strategy focused exclusively on the green consumer, establishing the brand promise directly on the package, written in soy ink. It also only minimally wrapped the Soap Lump, allowing the aroma of lavender, cedarwood, lemongrass and goat’s milk to emotionally connect with the customer.

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