Build Your Career at HOW Design Live

The new year is a great time to focus on building the design career you’ve always wanted, to take stock of your strengths and identify areas where you need to explore and learn.

Of all the professional development opportunities out there — online design workshops (like HOW University), day-long traveling training courses, podcasts and webinars — HOW Design Live is the place where you can work on so many different aspects of your creative career, all at once.

With seven program tracks, each with a distinct topical focus, HOW Design Live attendees can build a curriculum personalized to their own needs and interests. Ready for a deep-dive into interactive design? Then you can attend all 16 sessions over 5 days in the Interactive Design Program. Has your boss tapped you to lead your design team? Then you can focus your attention on the In-House Management track.

If you’re like most HOW Design Live attendees, your ideal conference agenda will include a mix of topics both inspirational and informational. Here’s just a sampling of the variety of career-building sessions you’ll find on the program:

Personal Development

How to Build Your Personal Brand on the Job with Terri Trespicio
How to Build a Life with Jonathan Fields

Process Management

Ready to Tame the Workflow Beast? with Amanda Froelich
Collaboration Without Conflict with Katie Lane


How Asking Questions Can Accelerate Your Creativity & Amplify Your Life with Sam Harrison
The Things That Made You Weird as a Kid Make You Great Today with James Victore

Skill Building

The Savvy Presenter’s Toolkit with Petrula Vrontikis
Just Shoot It: Photos and Videos for Personal & Professional Creative Projects with Jim Krause

At HOW Design Live, you’ll experience sessions that will improve your design skills, bolster your business expertise, develop your capacity to manage people and projects, and build your interactive design capabilities.

In this first week of January, 2016 is a blank slate on which you’re free to draw your ideal career path. Browse the full HOW Design Live agenda, choose your personalized program and commit to following that path.