5 Reasons You Can’t Miss HOW Design Live 2015

HOW Design Conference“HOW Live was an unforgettable experience, and I look forward to attending future conferences. The whole thing was just so great, and the information and knowledge I received is invaluable. Thanks HOW!”

That’s just one of the comments we received when we surveyed attendees after last year’s HOW Design Live conference. We heard words like “incredible,” “invaluable,” “inspiring.”

HOW Design Live is all that—and more. Are you still on the fence about registering for the 2015 HOW design conference? Here are 5 reasons we think you can’t miss this incredible, invaluable, inspiring event:

1. The creative inspiration.

You’ll experience a never-before-assembled group of speakers in 2015, experts and thought leaders from the design field and beyond. Presenters will challenge you, introduce you to new ideas and reinvigorate your love for design. After all, your creativity is a finite resource—you have to feed it a steady diet of inspiration.

2. The invaluable information.

The HOW Design Live team listens to you and surveys the design industry to find out the issues you’re facing—NOW. We know design is a constantly evolving field, and we’ve created a conference agenda that brings you the tactical, take-home information you need to stay at the top of your game.

3. The networking.

Past attendees tell us the most exciting things happen not in the conference rooms—but during the receptions and casual hallway conversations. Sure, you could attend an online design workshop—but at HOW Design Live, you meet people (both speakers and fellow attendees) who become friends, mentors and allies long after the event ends.

4. The all-inclusive nature of the HOW Design conference.

HOW delivers everything you need to pursue a fulfilling, successful creative career—all in one essential, industry-leading event. Everything’s there, in five compact days, under one roof.

The HOW Design conference is the event YOU want and need. With five big days and five programs, HOW Design Live offers a broad range of topics and presenters. That means you get to design the HOW experience YOU need. Choose any session in any time slot from across the entire agenda. (And if time or budget is tight, choose to attend one or two full days.)

But the biggest reason to attend in 2015? HOW Design Live won’t be the same without you. You’re a critical part of the magic that happens at HOW. We need you there.

Ready to register? Head over to HOWDesignLive.com to reserve your place!

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