Art Exhibits and Design Events

Graphic design events and exhibitions are great sources for design inspiration, but there are so many that it can be overwhelming. Here, discover the design events you should attend and explore the exhibitions that feature amazing design projects to inspire, motivate and engage you.


Font Marathon: Creating 2 Typefaces in 72 Hours

Struggle no more with finding the best typeface combinations for your creative projects, and instead utilize the 150 examples provided in Type Teams by Tony Seddon. by Nadine Chahine Monotype’s Font Marathon: A Look Inside the Exhilarating Challenge for Two Typeface Designers to Create Two Typefaces from Scratch in a Matter of Days Designing a...


Maker Faire: Plastic Pixels, Light-Emitting Sculptures & More

The Creativity Ultimate Collection is your one-stop-shop for creative inspiration—15 design resources for 81% off! Pixels can take many forms, from the microscopic LCDs in Apple’s Retina display to the incandescent bulbs used in old stadium scoreboards. At SparkleMasters, sequins are the medium of choice. The Glendale, Calif., company creates what it describes as...


Have Breakfast with CreativeMornings

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is it, perhaps, the most inspiring as well? If you’ve been attending CreativeMornings events, the answer is a definitive “yes.” CreativeMornings is an initiative developed by Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of design studio and blog Swissmiss, that encourages creative people to start...