Art Exhibits and Design Events

Graphic design events and exhibitions are great sources for design inspiration, but there are so many that it can be overwhelming. Here, discover the design events you should attend and explore the exhibitions that feature amazing design projects to inspire, motivate and engage you.

AIGA SF Poster Exhibit, Auction and Gala

If you love city posters, AIGA SF is hosting an event that is likely to peak your interest. InsideOut SF is part poster exhibit, part silent auction and part fall gala. It begins with a curated exhibition of San Francisco Bay Area posters designed by big-name local creatives and graphic designers across the globe....

[Podcast] CFC Success: #CFConf Already Paid for Itself

Copywriter, Sonia Quinones, first time attendee of the Creative Freelancer Conference (and HOW Design Live) already landed a project as a result of the networking she did at the Matchmaking Happy Hour with InHOWse Design Managers. IN this podcast, she describes how it happened.

How to Turn Away Business with Your Business Card

Is Twitter a great way to communicate? Absolutely. But for many people it's not the preferred method. Making people search for other ways to contact you, while it might be a great test of loyalty and patience, is not ideal when you're trying to attract clients. Here's a better strategy from Laura M. Foley...