18 Creative Insights in 140 Characters or Fewer

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Twitter may have recently doubled its character limit per tweet in an effort to help people be more expressive on the platform, but we’re pretty sure the 140-character limit didn’t cramp the style of the creative leaders at this past HOW Design Live.

With 3000+ creative professionals coming together to network, learn and be inspired by some of the best the industry has to offer, the 2017 HOW Design Live was amazing—and Twitter and Instagram reflected that with some great tidbits and insights.

As we look forward to HOW Design Live 2018 in Boston (registration is now open!), we thought it’d be fun to round up some of the #HOWLive insights. Enjoy!

creative insights from HOW Design Live

18 Creative Insights from HOW Design Live 2017

1. Design is not what we do, design is what we inspire others to do. – @briancollins1

2. Let’s not design in the browser, let’s decide in the browser. – Dan Mall, Creative Director

3. We were once told that, “Art asks questions, Design answers questions.” – @eileenmatilde

4. Your habits are everything. Habits are one less thing for you to think about. BUT not all habits are good. Weed them out.@TerriT

5. If everyone buys into brand guidelines, design by committee can actually be a good thing … it helps the creative process. – @Starbucks

6. Replace “minimum viable product” with “maximum love” ❤️❤️❤️❤ – @wearecollins

7. “Don’t worry about where you want to work, worry about who you want to work for.” – @timothyogoodman

8. We don’t just buy stuff, we love with them. – @briancollins1

9. The problem with minimal viable product is it leads to minimal viable thinking. – @HOWEvents

10. Art is more than just making things. Think beyond that. Entrepreneurs, customer service, technology done well … that’s art. @TerriT

creative insights from HOW Design Live

11. Consumers today are shopping for answers to the larger questions in their lives, for deeper purpose. – Andrew Gibbs of @TheDieline

12. Text and images are natural partners. – @cbdmarketing

13. #Creativity isn’t about being “artsy.” It’s about transcending traditional ideas. – @CreativeGroup

14. “Your creativity is a living, breathing thing.” – @TerriT

15. It’s okay to have bias but get it from experience, not ignorance. – @_bklmn 

16. Approach design as a practice not as a profession. – @timothyogoodman

17. If all images are questions, answer the question or increase its mystery. – @IDEOU

18. The computer can be too rigid; stick with the pencil as long as possible. – @AIGAdesign

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