5 Big Days. 5 Big Reasons. 

When we introduced the Big Ticket pass full access to all five days of HOW Design Live, we wondered: Would designers go all in? Turns out, the Big Ticket has been the most popular option for folks attending HOW Design Live over the past several years.

Sure, it offers the biggest bang for your registration buck. But there are other reasons why attendees sign on for all five days of HOW Design Live — five full days, five great reasons:

It’s all-inclusive. Any keynote. Any session. Any Master Class. Any roundtable, coaching session, reception, happy hour, party. All audio and video recordings. That’s more than any other registration package, all at a great price. Miss a session you were dying to hear? No worries: You’ll get the recorded version. Going for the Big Ticket is like staying at an all-inclusive resort: It’s everything you could possible want or need. Well, except for unlimited tiki drinks.

HDL_breakfast roundtable

Don’t think of it as being out of the office. Think of it as being IN your zone. We get it: Five days away from work is a commitment. But it’s a commitment to your career. The payoff for those five days is massive: creative rejuvenation, expanded business expertise, inspiration to fuel new design solutions, problem-solving skills … and a network of fellow creatives ready to support you in your work.

It’s not just for you. It’s for your entire team. Extending your HOW Design Live experience over five full days expands the number learning opportunities you’ll have. The more sessions you attend, the more ideas you bring back to your colleagues.

It’s a deep, deep dive. Five days you’ll spend thoroughly immersed in your craft. It can be overwhelming, and you’ll want to find space in your schedule to take a break and process everything you’re hearing. But there’s no better opportunity to marinate in your creative juices than five days of HOW. Plus, honestly: Can you imagine not hearing from Seymour Chwast? Or David Carson? Or Kelli Anderson? Guess what: They’re all speaking on different days. The Big Ticket guarantees you won’t miss a single keynote presenter.

You’ll make more and better connections. That person you sat next to on opening night, the one you had such a great conversation with? Wouldn’t it be nice to get to know that person better, or — bonus! — to find a whole group of fellow designers you can stay in touch with? The HOWie Community is perhaps the best facet of HOW Design Live. It’s like having your own League of Creative Super Friends. You can’t build those relationships in just a day or two.

HDL_HOWies group

If you’re gonna go to HOW Design Live, you oughta go BIG. Ready for your Big Ticket? There’s still time to save if you register before May 1. And if you’ve signed up for a 1- or 3-Day Pass, then you can upgrade to the Big Ticket, easy-peasy. Find out more about the HOW Design Live registration options and hop to it!

Special offer: Now through April 14, register for the BIG TICKET with code BT100 to take $100 off the price. Plus, once you register, you can attend the Get Better Clients Bootcamp for only $95 with code GBCB100. Total savings is $300!