Create a Strategic Plan to Attend HOW Design Live 2016

If your office is like ours, things are a little quiet this week. We’re looking forward to some time off … and then onward to great things in 2016.

HOW Design Live is on the top of our things to anticipate in the coming year. You too? Then now’s the time to make plans to be there in Atlanta. That’s because budgets are being set now for next year. And you need a strategic plan to convince your boss to send you to HOW Design Live.


Here are ways to make your case:

Focus on tangible benefits. To be effective, any persuasive argument has to focus on what’s in it for the person you’re trying to persuade — your boss.) What does the boss have to gain by sending you to HOW?

  • You’ll learn ways to improve your team’s collaboration and processes
  • You’ll pick up new design skills to make your own work better
  • You’ll bring back all kinds of materials — handouts, lecture notes, paper samples, information about industry partners — that you can share with the team

Focus on your team. Plan to attend sessions that apply not just to you personally, but to your team. Then schedule a meeting after the conference for a presentation where you share everything you learned at HOW Design Live.

Focus on your boss. Outline of all the best practices you’ll learn, the new ideas you’ll bring back, the new tools and technologies you’ll hear about — all of which will improve your team’s processes and productivity. Your boss will look like a star as a result of your team’s great work.

Begin your request by sending your boss an e-mail with a link to the HOW Design Live program. Then schedule a meeting at a quiet time before the new year to discuss your plan. Make your strategic case to attend — and we’ll see you at HOW Design Live in Atlanta!