Crystal Ink Creative’s Magical HOW Design Live Program

If you were at HOW Design Live this year, you probably enjoyed the benefits of the unbelievably awesome conference program. You probably noticed the handy layout of the schedule, with check boxes so you could plan each day out and ensure you didn’t miss a single one of your favorite sessions. You may have flipped through, reading about all of the speakers, and you may have appreciated the awesome sponsor representation and resources that filled it out. Many attendees took notes in its final pages—including some fantastically illustrated visualizations of the sessions.


What you may not have realized is that it was designed by Crystal Reynolds, the face behind Crystal Ink Creative. A Canadian solopreneur, Crystal learned her craft through experience and more than a little hard work.


On her blog, Crystal explains how she worked with Ilise Benun and Amy Conover to create a truly exceptional collaborative program that brought out the best of HOW Design Live and guided attendees through a better-than-ever experience with ease.


Here’s a bit of what Crystal wrote about the project on her blog:

It has been four years in the making. What started with a tangible element missing from my 2011 HOWLive experience has finally grown into a full fledged creative concept, the myNote. The idea was to encapsulate the energy and inspiration from the event into one publication that also had space for each person to write in their own notes and thoughts or ideas they garnered from attending. Half publication, half notebook.

I tested the concept in 2012 with the support of local printer, Topline Printing, by bringing my creation and distributing it during the event (you can find out about the first prototype in the Creatives’ Cupboard website). Making this leap led me to partnering with a San Francisco print house, Red Dog Graphics and Neenah Paper to create the second version for the 2013 HOWLive event. This version was more “officially” distributed to the full Creative Freelancer Conference division. (You can view it at online.)

With the support of Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor, my concept was passed along to the new F&W Event Director, Amy Conover. After meeting over the course of a few months we collaborated together to create a custom HOW myNote that is to be distributed to ALL 3,000+ conference attendees.