HOW Design Live 2016 Social Media Recap: Day 2

Day 2 of HOW Design Live brought us a whirlwind of inspiration, extraordinary stories, exceptional learning and brilliant insights. Check out some of the highlights from social media:

First, we woke up to fun in the Exhibit Hall, plus the Stock Photography Expo.

Next, we announced the winners of last year’s In-House Design Awards.

The design team of UBER being honored for their awesome brand guidelines! #howlive #branding #graphicdesign #uber #Repost

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Then, James Somerville wowed us with Coca-Cola’s artistic adaptation of classic advertising, accompanied by some fantastic Beatles music.

What can designers and @cocacola learn from @thebeatlesofficial? @jamessommerville #howlive

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After that, we broke out into sessions with Michael Janda, Shalin Amin, Brian Singer, David Hartman, Mona Patel, Ilise Benun, David Sherwin & Drew Bridewell, David Lesué, Maurice Cherry, Amanda Froehlich, Sean Adams, Leland Maschmeyer, Katie Lane and Kit Hinrichs.

After lunch, we heard from the amazing Aaron Draplin!

Awww yissss #HOWLive @Draplin

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And then Oliver Jeffers made us a little misty-eyed.

Who’s chopping onions in here? *sniff* @oliverjeffers #howlive

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Next, we heard from Jim Krause, Su Mathews Hale, Tim Belonax, John Nunziato & Crystal Bennett, Petrula Vrontikis, Patrick McNeil, Vlad Magdalin, Husani Oakley, Josh Higgins, Rafael Prieto, Nancy Lyons, Ian Fitzpatrick, and Chris Stow.

After a nice round of HOW Reconnection, everyone went off to PIXELS OF FURY!