3 HOW Design Live Recorded Sessions (and Where to Find More)

We all know that attending a live event—especially one as substantial and rich with ideas and inspiration as HOW Design Live—is an amazing experience when you’re there, live and in person, taking it all in, especially with your team.

We all need a jolt like that at least once a year.

And during the week or so afterward, everyone is still riding that wave, feeling the after-glow of the new ideas and new connections.

But reality sets in pretty quickly—all those great ideas you were ready to implement—nothing seems quite as possible when you get back to your office. And what about the new people you were brainstorming with over post-keynote drinks or dinner, the ones you were ready to hire or engage on the spot? Have you followed up with them yet?

I know you and your team is eagerly looking forward to next year’s jolt and although the web site for HOW Design Live 2017 is already live, it’s still a ways off. Where are your notes from 2016?


But wait! Don’t allow the event to fade into memory. You must do everything you can to keep the flame alive—but how?

How do you make the most of your (and your company’s) investment of time and money? How do you and your team continue to share what you learned with colleagues? How do you continue to learn?

It’s not difficult. HOW Design Live provides the tools. All you have to do is make it a priority.

That’s why the Big Ticket is the best deal—it comes with everything you need to keep the flame alive: audio recordings, presentation materials, handouts, and even selected CreativeLive video recordings with Debbie Millman, Chip Kidd, Veronika Scott and more.

Because even if you religiously attended sessions during every single time slot of the 5 day event, you only would have attended 36 sessions. (Popping in and out of the rooms doesn’t count!) That means you missed as many as you saw!

You have everything you need to reinvigorate yourself and your team in the pdf called, “HOW Design Live 2016 Speaker Presentations and Audio Recordings.” (If you had a Big Ticket, you would have received this in June.)


Keep the flame alive by reviewing your favorites or starting with the ones you missed.

In fact, here are few of our favorite sessions—listen or watch now:

Now all you need is a plan, like this one:

Starting this week, schedule a weekly “Keep HOWLive Alive” 1-hour session and invite everyone—colleagues and contractors, teammates and officemates, your boss—even your boss’s boss. Each session is 45 minutes, which leaves 15 minutes for a quick brainstorm about how to implement the new ideas.

There are so many ways to do this—you could:

  • Kick off the week off with a Monday morning session to fire everyone up (before things spiral out of control).
  • Meet over lunch with your team any day of the week.
  • Start your Friday off with some inspiration as a way to wind down the week.
  • If you’re the only one in your “design department,” share your favorite sessions over lunch with colleagues in another department.
  • Make a weekly appointment with someone you met at HOW Design Live—that does double duty—keeping you connected and learning at the same time.
  • Or if you learn best on your own, without any distractions, make an appointment with yourself—just be sure to keep it.

Know this in advance: it will be easy to do this for the first week or so; being consistent is the tricky part. You must be strong to keep it going in the midst of crises and deadlines—you know they’ll come up. Be strong and don’t let anything get in the way. If necessary, explain to your boss (even if “your boss” is yourself) how important it is—and not just to you—that you maximize the original investment you made in the conference in the first place. Point out, even if you already have, that this is how the team benefits.

Ready? Start here

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