Meet the HOW Keynotes

Seems like every year at HOW Design Live, a major speaker comes out of the woodwork and wows the crowd. Someone attendees may never have heard of, someone perhaps outside the field of design, someone who’s so inspiring that the audience practically vibrates with enthusiasm.

People like Austin Kleon in 2013; Johnny Cupcakes in 2014. Brene Brown and Simon Sinek in 2015. Jihan Zencirli in 2016. 

That’s by design, according to HOW Events. “Inspiration can come from anywhere, and one of our responsibilities as a conference organizer is to expose our attendees to innovative thinkers from all walks of life.” Hearing these speakers share ideas about interpersonal relationships, creativity, communication, leadership and other bigger-than-design topics “is inspiring on a professional level.”

HOW Design Live

As the 2018 program unfolds for HOW Design Live, featuring The Dieline Conference and HOW Marketing Live, there are keynote presenters on the agenda who may be unfamiliar to you. They are visionaries, dreamers and doers from the world of design — and beyond.

Among the “you-don’t-know-them-yet” highlights from the keynote lineup for 2018:

Dorie Clark will inspire you to shape your most amazing career; her new book, Entrepreneurial You, is a blueprint for those who want to tap their entrepreneurial veins to create meaningful, profitable work.

Global CCO at noted agency R/GA, Nick Law has worked with A-list brands including Nike, IBM and Google. This year the 4A’s named Nick one of its 100 People Who Make Advertising Great.

Sarah Rich is writer, editor, and brand strategy consultant. She’ll be sharing insights about her new book Leave Me Alone With the Recipes (cowritten with Wendy MacNaughton, Debbie Millman and Maria Popova), about the life, art, and cooking of the legendary yet unsung designer Cipe Pineles.

In a world where information is complex and data can be essential to understanding, the Italy-born and NYC-based information designer and artist Giorgia Lupi creates visual representations that communicate clearly — and are clearly beautiful.

The HOW Design Live 2018 agenda represents a never-before-and-never-again intersection of remarkable speakers. Ready to be inspired by these remarkable people? Browse the full list of speakers—more are being added week by week—and start planning your personalized HOW Design Live experience. The next early registration deadline—with savings up to $5600 off—is February 1.