Popular Speakers Return to HOW Design Live

Among the HOW Design Live speaker lineup for this year, you’ll find dozens of names that are new to the event: names like Dorie Clark, Reginé Gilbert and Ryder Ripps. You’ll also find names that are familiar to anyone who’s attended before.

While the programming team undertakes to make each HOW Design Live agenda uniquely targeted to each year, they can’t resist inviting a handful of speakers to return again … and again. These speakers have a proven connection with the HOW audience. They’re generous with their experience and information. They stick around after their presentations and immerse themselves in the conference.

“I speak at lots of conferences, and this is my very favorite,” says veteran speaker and author Sam Harrison. “HOWLive offers you the chance to forget everything you know for a few days and be a beginner again—a sponge soaking up a wealth of wisdom, inspiration and fun. HOWLive is the perfect place to open your mind and let it be available for creative seduction.”

terri trespicio and stefan mumaw at HOW Design Live

Longtime HOW speaker and author Stefan Mumaw says he keeps returning to the event simply because it fuels his own creative energy to be with so many other fellow designers: “I come year after year to be with my kind; the people who carry the same burdens, who laugh at the same things, who kick the same can down the same street.

“While I love what happens during the day, it’s what happens at night, around bar tables and hotel lobbies, that bring me back,” he continues. What’s more, Mumaw has an even more important reason to attend: He brings his daughter, a budding designer herself. “And as my daughter enters the same field, I don’t want her to fall in love with the knowledge of design. I want her to fall in love with the people of design. And she has. Because of HOW.”

Preparing a presentation for HOW Design Live is a significant investment of time and creative energy for speakers. These guys do it repeatedly. Among the presenters returning to Boston are these to look forward to:

At past HOW events, Justin Ahrens delivered inspiring presentations about how creative pros can use their skills for the greater good, sharing his own experiences working for nonprofits like Lifewater, Team RWB and The Positive Project. He’s returning to Boston for a frank discussion, Designer Therapy: You are Not Alone, which is about what happens when things go wrong in our work—clients give unhelpful feedback, we hire the wrong person, our solutions get rejected. How we deal with the less-than-glamorous stuff shapes how well we succeed in the future.

Attending a big event like HOW Design Live can be overwhelming if you don’t know anyone or if you’re an introvert. Never fear: Stefan Mumaw will be back with his pre-conference HOW Connection—how can we describe it? Let’s call it part family reunion, part non-icky networking session, part controlled chaos. And you can get another Mumaw fix with his breakout session, Designing Emotion: How to Use Design to Move People. He’ll outline ways designers can tap into empathy in order to inspire—not manipulate—audiences to action.  

Sam Harrison first took the stage at the HOW Design Conference in 2004 in San Diego, on the heels of the publication of his book Zing! An expert on how to generate and win approval for creative ideas, Harrison returns to HOW with a presentation on what not to do—10 Things to Zap So You Can Zing. He’ll outline habits and beliefs we need to let go of in order to devise big ideas.

Longtime author and HOW Design Live programming partner Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com, is a go-to resource for design entrepreneurs looking for advice on marketing and running their businesses. She’ll be in Boston with practical advice on how to talk to your clients about money: The Worst Negotiating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. “I love attending HOW Design Live and am excited to be part of the 2018 speaker lineup,” she says. “Each year the event pays off with a rich mix of inspiration and practical how-to. Plus, I get to see all my HOW friends in person—that’s the biggest treat.” 

A relative newcomer among this group, Terri Trespicio made her HOW debut in 2016 and has built a reputation as an entertaining speaker with tons of great info to share. Recognizing that only part of your job is making stuff—the rest, and arguably the more important part is convincing others that your stuff is worth making— she will give you pro tips on presenting your ideas with humor and inspiration. Catch her session, Stand Up: How to Advocate for Your Ideas, Leave an Impression and Make People Laugh.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Stefan, Ilise and other returning speakers in Boston. Register for HOW Design Live by March 15 for the current best rates.