Leadership for Every Leader at HOW Design Live

How do you define a leader? The boss, maybe. A CEO. A coach.

You may not realize it, but your job invokes your own leadership skills — every day.

Leading a client toward a smart communication solution that can spark business growth. Easing friction among co-workers when a deadline crunch looms. Speaking up in meetings to advocate for a strong idea.

What is leadership? A Business News Daily article on the topic drops words like humility, selflessness, playing to strengths, serving, helping people achieve.

Whether your job title implies leadership — creative director, manager, lead developer — or doesn’t, you have the power to be a leader. And HOW Design Live is packed with sessions designed to help you harness that power, including:

Leading change. In An Heir & A Spare: Managing Design Teams in Times of Transition, veteran interactive designer David Sherwin and writer/educator Mary Sherwin will help current and up-and-coming leaders understand their responsibilities and the effects they have on others. The Sherwins are currently working on a book about how to create great workplace teams; expect that expertise to infuse their session.

HDL_David Sherwin

Playing well with others. Sparkbox president Ben Callahan understands that working with people can sometimes be messy, when politics, ego and miscommunication get in the way. The premise for his session, Building a Human-Centered Culture, is simple: If we want to do better work, we must be better people. And it’s for you if you run a team or if you want to take a more collaborative approach with your colleagues.

Being persuasive. Leadership involves communicating a vision and guiding others on that path. In her session, Speak To Be Heard: Communicating Your Best Ideas, Eleanor Handley of GK Training and Communications will let you practice essential physical communication skills to help you deliver your message most effectively.

Connecting with others. Leaders seek out other leaders, and share solutions to common experiences. Leaders don’t work in a vacuum. That’s why HOW Design Live offers activities like Speed Coaching sessions and Meetup Groups designed to connect people so they can learn from each other.

HDL meetup group

Constant learning. Leaders are hungry for information, inspiration, new perspectives. Leaders are constantly learning. HOW Design Live brings an extensive lineup of keynote presenters to the stage from the design field and beyond. You’ll hear from leaders and experts including Brian Collins, Amy Cuddy, Kelli Anderson, Alina Wheeler and Mauro Porcini.

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