Packaging Design: “Everything is Changing, Everything is Possible”

Think of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s packaging designers:

The rise of online shopping means that consumers’ first—or maybe only—interaction with a brand comes from opening the product package.

As we continue to buy more of our food not from traditional grocery stores but from online retailers and meal-prep companies, freshness and food safety are driving packaging innovation.

Recycling and recycled materials have become a huge issue, as boxes and bottles have become more challenging and expensive to sort and reuse.

New materials, forms, aesthetic treatments and other design factors have the power to resuscitate stale brands and launch new ones. (Browse if you need proof of those packaging success stories.)

packaging designimage from Getty | CSA-Archive

As Andrew Gibbs, founder of The Dieline Conference and founder/CEO/editor-in-chief of, says, “We have arrived at a moment where everything is changing, yet everything and anything is possible.”

At The Dieline Conference, you’ll learn how to maximize the power of design and strategy in the world of packaging and branding. On the agenda: Design leaders from some of the top global consumer brands and branding agencies, including the following:

In his session for The Dieline Conference, Campbell will lay out the factors disrupting packaging design—the above challenges, along with others, like rising consumer awareness of wastefulness in packaging and the evolving store shelf landscape.

Isabelle Dahlborg Lindström of the Stockholm-based consultancy Nine will explore sustainable packaging, from relevant trends and consumer insights, to what sustainability means in different markets, to innovative ways designers can create packaging that’s both luxurious and sustainable.

Amarante will take attendees inside the walls of The Hershey Company to reveal how she’s managed to reinvent herself while also reinventing multimillion-dollar brands like Reese’s and Twizzlers.

Gibbs and The Dieline team assembled the sessions and speakers for this year’s Dieline Conference, part of HOW Design Live. “Packaging is no longer just about setting yourself apart on the shelf, it’s now a medium for brands to boldly stand out in our social media feeds, and create unique brand experiences,” he says. “At The Dieline Conference, we’ll look to the future of packaging—which is now.”

Browse the full conference schedule and look for those sessions marked with the Dieline icon. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from the brightest brains in the packaging and branding field (and to see jaw-dropping work in The Dieline Awards). Register by March 15 for the best rates.