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Designers today thrive in the digital space. Web design, apps, exhibits, programs and interfaces are all about delivering beautiful, user-focused experiences to the world—and designers are at the heart of that cutting-edge culture.

That’s what HIDC is all about. At each of three locations—San Francisco, Chicago and Boston—the brightest, most accomplished minds in the field will deliver a powerhouse of energetic, insightful information and resources to designers from across the globe. With speakers from companies and organizations like Buzzfeed, Google, Huge, Uber and Lynda who are at the forefront of interactive design, HIDC is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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The interactive space is the fastest-growing area for creative careers, and as a designer, it’s in your best interest to have your finger on the pulse of development and innovation in the digital world. It doesn’t matter what your background is in, or your area of expertise; whether you’re an in-house designer, a web design guru, a freelancer, a creative director or a firm leader, HIDC is for you.

That’s why the team at HOW—the team that brought you HOW Design Live—is honored to invite you to the HOW Interactive Design Conference. Choose from the conferences in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston, or register for all three to get a unique, holistic perspective on the state of interactive design. You’ll walk away with the resources, insights and inspiration you need to shape the future of design.

As a designer, you are responsible for the future of the industry. Learn from the leaders who will help you take your interactive work to new heights, who will share their experiences and expertise. Explore the latest developments in interactive technology, learn how to leverage the digital space to advance your design career, and reap the benefits of a fresh interactive perspective. All you have to do is join us at HIDC.

Here’s a glance at some of the great minds you’ll hear from this autumn:

San Francisco

Silicon Valley provides the perfect setting for detailed sessions on UX and Interaction Design. In San Francisco, September 20-22, you’ll take home a solid foundation in UX principles and Interaction Design, as well as actionable advice you can use to solve design problems as soon as you get back to work.

BeukelmanJoel_SpeakerPhoto_2015SFHIDCJOEL BEUKELMAN

UX Designer, Google

Joel is a Southern California native working as a Mobile UX Designer at Google. Aside from Google Analytics and Android, he also advises on other startups in the valley and spends his free time hosting The Blnce podcast. Prior to Google, Joel designed for Netflix and was the Design Director for AppStack, a startup helping local business find mobile customers. Outside of his love for design and tech, Joel enjoys being a family man, consuming (too much) craft beer, wearing tattoos, and listening to all things metal and folk.

PaytonJoshphoto.jpgJOSH PAYTON

User Experience for Europe and Asia, Huge

Josh Payton is Huge’s head of User Experience for Europe and Asia, partnering with Huge’s global strategy, design and development teams in the creation and rapid prototyping of concepts, ecosystems, and interfaces. Josh has worked for such clients as Turkish Airlines, Lowe’s, Four Seasons, Amex, Disney and many more in Huge’s Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London offices. During his 16 years of interactive design experience, Josh has acted as the global User Experience Design Lead for the home and storefront pages at and has held Senior Design positions at Microsoft, Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive and Yahoo!

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Join the team behind HOW Design Live as we gather in Chicago this October 5–7 for a deep dive into Stories from the Field at the HOW Interactive Design Conference. We’re going beyond theory and you need to be there for it.

EmilyBrick2015HIDCPhotoEMILY BRICK

Product Designer, Buzzfeed 

Emily is a Product Designer for BuzzFeed, where she works on creating and improving the experience of the CMS, as well as designing for BuzzFeed News. Previously, she was a Product Designer for Shapeways, a platform to create and sell 3D printed products. Her focus includes uninterruptive user experiences and improving the designer-that-codes workflow.

Newman-Dan_Speaker-Photo_2015-Chicago-HIDCDANIEL NEWMAN

Deputy Creative Director, NPR Digital Media Group 

As Deputy Creative Director for NPR’s Digital Media Group, Dan works with a multifaceted team of interaction designers and visual product designers to create NPR-branded digital products and services, including, the NPR News app, and NPR One for iOS, Android, and emerging platforms. Prior to joining NPR in 2014, Dan led the Web & Mobile User Experience team at Wolfram Research (, and has previously worked in design, digital marketing, and web production. Dan holds bachelor’s degrees in Advertising and Sociology from the University of Illinois.

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At HIDC in Boston this November 5–7, we’re exploring the intersection of design and technology. And what that means for you is a clearer understanding of the most significant tech developments affecting in-house—and your design work—every day.


Comics Artist, Author

Scott is the award-winning author of Understanding Comics, Making Comics, Zot! and many other comics spanning 30 years. He’s lectured and consulted on comics and digital media for Google, MIT, Pixar, Sony, and the Smithsonian Institution and started the international 24 Hour Comic phenomenon.


BlairCulbrethDesigner, Viget

Based in Boulder, CO, Blair is a graphic designer and illustrator passionate about bringing branding, design, and UX together to create good things that communicate and delight. Working at Viget, a digital design, development, and marketing agency, Blair works with clients ranging from big brands, like Shure Inc., to non-profits—including World Wildlife Fund and The Lupus Foundation of America.

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