Your Path to Creative Leadership

If you’re an in-house designer or creative, you’ve seen the changes (or you’re watching them happen now). Design has gone from a little-understood, under-appreciated discipline to an essential business function. Research shows that design-led companies outperform those that overlook design. In many conference rooms, creatives have a seat at the table.

Are you ready to pull up a chair?

HOW Events has launched the new REACH Conference focused on creative leadership specifically to help you confidently claim that seat.

“Designers today are being asked to do more than create logos and build websites,” says HOW Events group show director Gary Lynch. “They’re moving from a tactical design role to a strategic business role. They’re being asked to step out of the comfort zone of managing design projects and into a leadership role charged with implementing design strategy across the organization.”

But designers shouldn’t feel unprepared or overwhelmed as their responsibilities expand. “You probably have those skills already, but the application is different,” Lynch says. “You can get there. That’s why we developed the REACH Conference: to help you take your strengths as a creative professional and apply them across the organization.”

REACH is the only professional conference developed by creative leaders for creative leaders. Over two days (November 13–14 at the School of Visual Arts in New York), expert speakers from design and beyond will share practical guidance on elevating your skills. You’ll learn how to navigate the corporate environment, to communicate with peers in different business functions, to persuade and negotiate, to have a positive impact on your company.

Amy Conover & Bryn Mooth

If the “L-word” intimidates you, REACH will help you embrace your innate leadership abilities — the ones you don’t know you have.

What does creative leadership look like? Creative leaders are hungry to learn. They get excited about applying their creative skills to solve problems related to sales or operations or product development. They’re flexible and adaptable. They set the stage for collaboration and they’re willing to engage colleagues across the organization. “Good leadership is about people,” says GE creative director Ande La Monica and REACH advisory board member, along with Debbie Millman and Santiago Carrasquilla. “It’s about giving trust, being an active listener, showing empathy, being accessible and supportive.”

Business — and the world — needs creative leaders. Your new role is waiting for you, and REACH can help you develop the skills and confidence to step into it. You’ve got this.