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Luke & family in Hoboken

Pizza in Hoboken with Luke Mysse

I just had pizza in Hoboken with Luke Mysse, who closed his design business after 18 years and rode 4200 miles across the country to STOP SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition), thanks to sponsors like and other who donated to his Kickstarter Campaign. (Read more about it here and here on the CF Blog.


Package Pricing for Creative Services: Is It For You?

Lately, I‘ve been helping creative professionals develop “package pricing” to offer their prospects and clients, but the main question I get is, “Is it right for me?” How do you tell if your work is appropriate to package? One important question to ask yourself is this: Do you offer a variation on the same service to...

How to Market Your Photography

PhotoShelter’s new guide! How to Market Your Photography

Have you downloaded PhotoShelter’s latest guide yet? It’s called How to Market Your Photography –and it’s free! Whether you’re a photographer or some other type of creative professional, the tips in this guide will help you create a marketing plan, tackle SEO, blog better, succeed with social media, and take advantage of email marketing. And check out all...


How to Work Remotely and Reinvent Your Life (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a post by Jake Jorgovan on “how to work remotely and reinvent your life.”  (In Part 1, he stated that the one thing you must have to do this is the ability to earn an income without being physically present….read on if that sounds good to you! Now this...


Design for Good: Luke Mysse’s Amazing Ride Is Almost Over!

Have you done anything yet to stop severe acute malnutrition? Luke Mysse has. (And you can too — right here!) Luke is a veteran CFC speaker whose “rants” have inspired many creative professionals to reach for their “big juicy goals” and design for good. But this guy practices what he preaches, and his big juicy...


How to work remotely and reinvent your life

I’m working from the road this week so this guest post from Jake Jorgovan, who last wrote about how to get your freelance business started with a “freelance marketplace” like oDesk-Elance, is especially apt! We are in the emergence of a new age. The age of the remote worker. 10 years ago tools like...


4 Myths About Freelance Introverts… Part 2

We ended last week with the first 2 myths about “freelance introverts,” so it only seems fitting to start this week with the rest of them, especially if you have a networking event to attend this week. (And if you don’t yet, go find one!) Myth #3: Introverts lack the social confidence of extroverts...

4 myths about freelance introverts…..

… and why they’re wrong, wrong, wrong. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t master the skills of interacting with people and generating freelance business; it simply means the process feels effortful, especially in groups. Many extroverts claim you should just “get over it” and act like an extrovert (or better yet, force yourself...