2 Email Strategies to Calm the Inbox Chaos

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11I had a really interesting conversation yesterday with a couple of creative freelancers who were sharing with me their time management strategies.

I was really surprised to hear that both of them are essentially moving away from answering email — not completely, of course, because that doesn’t seem possible quite yet.

However, they both had innovative strategies for getting control of their email inboxes and taming the beast that email has become. Here’s how:

  • One freelance designer has an auto responder on her email that warns recipients that she is only “in” her Inbox twice a week. So if you want to reach her immediately, she suggests you DM her via Twitter. This is not to say she’s not looking at her email. But she’s training people not to expect an immediate response. Interesting idea….
  • Another freelancer says he religiously picks up the phone in response to almost all email messages he gets. He likes the direct contact with clients and insists it’s much quicker to have a conversation than to compose a written response.

What do you think of these strategies? Are you doing something similar?

BTW: Email strategies are just one of the work/life balance topics, many of which were addressed in Jim Krause’s session at CFC in 2013. Even if you weren’t there you can listen to the recordings. Check them out here.